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China International Chorus Festival

Founded in 1992, China International Chorus Festival (CICF) is currently the only state-level international chorus festival in China which approved by the State Council. As the largest-scale and highest-level international chorus festival held in China, CICF is a cultural activity which brings choirs both at home and abroad together to sing. It is held once every two years, and the past 13 CICFs have been proved a great success. According to incomplete statistics, in the past 13 festivals, the number of participating choirs has exceeded 2000 and more than 60,000 choir members were involved.


Since 2014, the 12th China International Chorus Festival and IFCM World Choral Education Conference settled in Xicheng District, Beijing, CICF has become a culture-tourism-integrated festival brand collaborated and shared by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and local government.

The 14th China International Chorus Festival will be held in Beijing from July 19 to July 25, 2018. After the 18th Communist Party of China National Congress was successfully held, it is the first international choral festival in the new era of building cultural power of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Within one week, CICF will organize more than 200 various activities including Opening Ceremony, IFCM Choral Education Conference, IFCM Executive Committee Meeting, Evaluation Seminar, Group Choral Evaluation, Choral Exchange Concert, High Level International Choir Concert, China New Choral Work Concert, Master Class (Workshop) of Choral Conducting, Choral Training Camp, Choral Club, Choral Public and Charitable Events, Cultural Square Performance, Awarding Gala, Closing Ceremony & Concert and so on, providing the greatest platform of communication, exchange, and presentation for chorus lovers from all over the world.


Lets meet in 2018 China International Chorus Festival - Come to Beijing, listen to the songs of the world!